"Every man leaves a lasting influence... that will affect future generations for centuries to come. But let's face it, not all legacies are the same. Some are productive, others are destructive. Some are illustrious, others are infamous... what kind of a legacy will you leave behind? A spiritual legacy is one that money can't buy and taxes can't take away, it is passing down to the next generation what matters most."
Steven J. Lawson

Friday, August 8, 2008

Role Model

So within the last couple of days I've been thinking about the role models I've had in my life, but particularly those who influenced me in High School. The people I remember most are those who really invested time with me to talk with me and live by example. Now I have been given the chance to influence the youth each week simply by spending time with them and getting to know them on a deeper level. Doing so has made me realize just how fun it is , but also how challenging to let youth see me at my best.
I've also learned that you have to act alittle different with certain age groups than with others. For example, with the junior high kids, I tend to act silly and joke around more with them while maintaining the image of "the adult". With the older kids, I still joke around and such, but it tends to be less so and we talk more about what the high school youth are interested in and takling about more serious topics like where they want to go to college or how school is etc. Not that I couldn't or haven't talked to the younger ones about serious things, but usually their minds seem to be on other things. It's definitely still a learning process for me about how to relate to the different age groups and interest levels, but I personally find that one on one conversations are the best way to really talk to someone and know them in a deeper way.
The question that comes into my mind is "How do I relate as an adult to kids that I essentially grew up with in the church, who know me and see me as a friend?" I just hope that in some way God can use me to influence the youth in a good way, and be a role model to these kids and that Christ will shine through me and reflect his glory, not mine to today's youth.