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Steven J. Lawson

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Reflections on Europe Part I

So to those who have been to Europe before, these are my own thoughts of what it was like. Although I loved England, It was by far the most dreary of the places that we visited. I remember feeling incredibly small when we entered Westminster Abbey, and was shocked when I realized that we were walking on David Livingston's grave! My fellow students were alittle incredulous to see the names of Charles Darwin and Sir Issac Newton buried in the church. As Americans, we found it strange and yet funny that at home, we try so hard not to walk on someone's grave, but here we really could not avoid doing so. It's a great example of how different we are even though we may speak trhe same language and look similar.
The British Museum was fascinating. I belive we spent three hours in there looking at everything we could. The four juniors that compriseed my class took off immediately for the Egyptian artifacts. We saw the Rossetta Stone which, by the way, is huge! Then we saw some mummies enclosed by glass and which were close to 3,000 years old. After the Egyptian section, we moved to the Assyrian and Babylonian section. I will go ahead and tell you that seeing these sort of things in reality is so much more gratifying and meaningful in person where you can literally touch it with your own hands and live history that way than looking at a picture or reading about it in a book.
Overall, England was exciting and one of the lengthier stays we had while in Europe. Have any Europe stories to tell? Leave them in your response. I'll have more tonight.

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EJWK said...
August 2, 2008 at 4:18 PM  

The same summer Vinny and I went to France, I went with the Statesboro Youth Chorale at England---to Canterbury and to London. We stayed at King's College on the Canterbury property. I definitely felt more at home in England. I wrote some emails when I got home. What is your address? I'll forward them to you.